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Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Beer Post: 2011 National IPA Championship

It's back!  The National IPA Championship is back in business for it's 4th year of competition.

If I've said it one, I've said it a thousand times; throw a bracket on something and I'll instantly start paying attention.  The NIPAC combines my love of brackets with my favorite beer style in something I lovingly refer to as the best idea ever conceived by man.  Last year Fat Head' Brewery and Saloon in Cleveland took home the crown for their Head Hunter IPA.  This year it's anyone's guess as 128 gloriously hoppy IPA's are competing for the title.

If you've got some time to burn (and It'll take some time to review 128 beers), check out the locker room list and fill out a bracket.  You can get a free case of the winning beer if you win their bracket contest!

Who do I think will win?  Well, I've always liked Boulder's own Avery IPA.  Additionally, I've enjoyed Chicago favorite Goose Island IPA (competing against Boulder native Hoppy Boy), Wynkoop's Mile HIPA, Great Divide's Titan IPA, New Belgium's surprisingly tasty Ranger IPA (Hey, they just discovered hops!), and Stone's IPA this year, and they're all fantastic.  To be honest, I've never heard of most of these beers, but it's always fun to bullshit about which beer is better.

Because I love beer in a can, and the beer is damn good, I'm going to randomly select Ska Brewing's Modus Hoperandi to win my bracket.  I'm literally basing this off of nothing.
Modus, for what it's worth you've got my vote.

I can only hope that I get to try many of these at some point, I'm sure they're all fantastic.

Happy Friday!

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Rico said...

The cool thing about this competition is that they're judged blind, such that the judge has no idea which two beers he/she is trying.

I picked Firestone Walker Union Jack to win it all. Mostly because Firestone's beers tend to be low on hype, but big on style guidelines. But ultimately, I think it's going to be some random wee brewery to win it all like it was last year.