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Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Grab Bag: Basketball is back

I'd like to thank USC for bringing the Song Girls to Boulder.  I haven't seen quality fake breasts like that in a long time; SoCal does that shit right  ... and that was all I took away from Friday night.  Not really, but that's all I'm choosing to remember.

Today in the bag I'll be wrapping up the big weekend in football, touching on whether I think Alabama should still be in the top-5, linking to a disturbing Ringo article, and reminding you that it's opening week for college basketball.

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Friday night in Boulder - OK, so memories of the Song Girls mammaries aren't the only thing I took away from the first Friday night game in Folsom's history.  CU played 'better' than it had in previous weeks, and even found themselves a few plays away from, *gasp*, being competitive on the scoreboard.  You could tell both the team and the crowd were into the game, something that hadn't been evident over the past month, and it was good to see Speedy and Toney Clemmons have big games on national TV.. 
It was good to see Speedy back in action.  From: the BDC
But still, the opponent put up massive numbers of points and yards on the reeling defense, and I left the game early (I made it to the 4th quarter, at least!).  With UCLA looking semi-competent over the weekend, it's down to this Saturday's game against Arizona as CU's last hope for a 2011 victory.  I wouldn't bet on it.

At least those black helmets (long promised) looked sweet.  I think they'd be perfect for the road jersey going forward.

CSI: Boulder - Ringo took the time to autopsy the Buffs fall from any semblance of respectability over the weekend.  It's a depressing article to read, simply because I've lived through this shit, and rather hoped to never think on it ever again.  If you have the time, and the stomach for it, I suggest you give it a read, if only to remind yourself why the program is where it is.

Notes from around Football Nation -

College Football

LSU @ Alabama - I thought the game was awesome.  If you couldn't strain some enjoyment out of watching two fantastic defenses go at it, then you need to reassess why you watch sports.  If only Alabama had a kicker, they'd essentially have won the BCS title Saturday night.

ASU @ UCLA - Since when has UCLA been any good?  The team that got crushed by a coachless Arizona squad somehow pulled the wool over the eyes of Sparky on Saturday, giving the Bruins the pole position in the race for the Pac-12 title game.  ASU should still come out on top, however, as they have an easier schedule down the stretch.

Northwestern @ Nebraska - My Fight'n Purples got it done Saturday afternoon, as they went into Lincoln and kneecapped the Huskers.  With QB Dan Persa out, NW was lead by Colorado native Kain Colter.  I give this game a 8.5 on the schadenfreude scale.


Baltimore @ Pittsburgh - Another really fun game to watch that had a paucity of scoring (at least until the end).  Ray Rice got repeatedly robbed of fantasy points by some overzealous officiating; this lead directly to a loss for my fantasy squad. 

Denver @ Oakland - Apparently, Oakland had never heard of the read-option offense before, as they repeatedly got burned by the college-style offense the Broncos are now using.  The Raiders seemed more focused on inflicting pain on the Jesusback than actually playing solid defense.  Just another reason why no one in the AFC West deserves a playoff slot.

Atlanta @ Indianapolis - With Miami forgetting to lose against the Chiefs, the hapless Colts are now all but assured of earning the #1 draft pick. 

Alabama only slips to #3 in BCS poll - Despite losing at home to under-dog LSU Saturday evening, Alabama only slipped one spot to #3 in the BCS poll.  Stanford and Boise St, despite perfectly clean records, still sit behind the #2 team in the SEC West.  Maybe 'Bama will slip lower as the weeks go by and Stanford's strength-of-schedule improves, but there is a real danger that we could see a rematch in the BCS title game.
With LSU winning Saturday, there should be no more room for Alabama in the title picture.
I thought the sole argument in favor of the BCS was that every game matters, and slipping up just once, even against the best team in the land, eliminates you from competition.  The Tide had their shot, at home, and blew it (mostly because their two kickers blow ass).  If 'Bama gets back into this, without a series of losses from unbeaten teams, then there's no longer a reason to forestall a playoff. 

Basketball is back - It's finally game week.  My season tickets arrived in the mail Friday afternoon, and I'm ready to hit the CEC Friday night.  Sure, it's only against D-2 Ft Lewis, but any basketball is better than no basketball at all.

I'll remind everyone as we get closer to the weekend, but if you're in the Boulder area, you should really give a thought to showing your support for Tad Boyle and the Buffs on opening night.  GA tickets are only $1, so you can't afford not to go!
Coach Boyle wants to see you at the CEC Friday night.  From: the BDC
I'll be hitting up the World Famous Darkhorse with the Allbuffs crew before the game if you're looking to talk some hoops.  I hope to see everyone there!

Happy Monday!


ninzaburo said...

I was super pissed to find Bama not falling further. Stanford needs to be in the top 3 for sure. One loss is better than a perfect season to this point?

This is in fact Sean, just thought I would remind you.

RumblinBuff said...

I think the argument is that Stanford's schedule to this point is pretty weak (we're hurting them, for sure), while 'Bama has played in the brutal SEC West. Still, I totally agree that Stanford, if not Boise St as well, should be in front of 'Bama.


Lol, I know its you man, we talked about it at the tailgate. Friend me on Xbox: Rumblinbuff