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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Quick Post: Damiene Cain may still be in the picture

About the only piece of bad news to come out of Buffs camp this fall was the announcement by PF recruit Damiene Cain that he wouldn't be playing basketball at CU afterall.  Cain was expected to help bolster the forward corps, while potentially clearing the way to allow for a redshirt year from Ben Mills.  For him not to play, as a highly touted recruit, was a big blow to the program.

... or maybe not...

Rumors started swirling yesterday evening that Cain may still end up playing hoops for CU.  Today Coach Boyle acknowledged the possibility, saying "The jury's still out," but that "We've had some conversations."

Cain originally left the program saying that he wanted to focus on academics.  With no solid evidence to the contrary, I'll accept that story at face value.  While I would hope that he continues to realize what's truly important about the collegiate experience (the whole going to class thing), should he really want to come back, and be totally dedicated to the team he once turned away from, I think it would be in CU's best interests to take him back.  He's a good talent, and you should be allowed to struggle with big decisions as an 18 year old.

If he's not 100%, and I mean 100%, then the program should encourage his academic career while continuing to move forward without his services.

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