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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Quick Post: Mayor and Jelly kill some time on Twitter

What to do on a slow Thursday afternoon in NorCal...  Why not have a twitter battle!  That's what Spencer Dinwiddie and Josh Scott decided to do.  I hope you caught it, because it made for high comedy on a lazy Thursday.

Of course, this wasn't Dinwiddie's first twitter battle royale.  The Mayor took on Alec Burks last year, throwing his ring up against Alec's statistical dominance.  If this is how the future NBA star blows off steam, I'm all for it, because everyone needs to laugh every now and then.

Below, saved for posterity, is Mayor v Jelly.   An anti Mayor campaign is waged, the names Omar Strong and Jordan Bachynski are invoked, Ben Mills takes some collateral damage, and laughs are had by all.

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