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Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Grab Bag: All the snow!

Seriously, more snow?  We've had a storm per week for almost two months now.  This is starting to get ridiculous.

Today in the bag, I'm talking the spring game, the Masters, and pro decisions from Spencer and 'Dre.

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Spring Game - 

Despite the fact that the raging dumpster fire that was the 2012 Colorado football team has yet to be completely extinguished, the floundering program was back on the field Saturday for the annual Spring Game, showcasing their wares before some 10,000 diehards who needed an excuse to get out of the house.  For the record, the 'Black' team defeated the 'Gold' team 17-16.
Coach MikeMac introducing himself to the Folsom faithful.  From: the BDC
The trick this time of year is always: did one unit succeed because it's legitimately good, or because it's counterpart is just plain awful.  The simple fact is that someone has to look good in these things. In Hawk's first spring, it was the punt team  Saturday, for the most part, it was the offense.

All told, both high-usage quarterbacks (Connor Wood and Nick Hirschman) were 60% passers with no INTs, P-Rich had a field day (5-169-1), and there were only two turnovers coughed up between the two sides.  While there wasn't much scoring from the Buffs (what new), the dueling offensive units deserve a lot of credit for being so efficient.  The 'Gold' team, lead by Connor Wood and P-Rich, even racked up over eight yards per play, which is pretty damn good.

Still, I wouldn't look too much into Saturday's action.  The new coaching staff has had next to no time with either unit, and it's fucking April.  If you're really that desperate to be discussing the CU football program four and a half months away from their first game (loss?), then might I suggest a good wall you can bang your head against for a few hours?

Masters - 

Just another quiet weekend in Augusta.  There was a 14-year-old making the cut, a major rules fiasco, and a history-making winner in a rain-soaked playoff.  I have to give them credit: no matter the circumstances, the Masters always delivers.
Not even a quick shower could dent the aura of Masters Sunday.
First off, congratulations to both Adam Scott and Angel Cabrera.  Each played a magnificent tournament, and their playoff push through the rain made for compelling television.  Scott becoming the first Australian to don a green jacket capped a wild and entertaining weekend.

However, I'm most intrigued by Tiger Woods and his 2nd round misadventures at the 15th hole.  His third shot on Firethorn struck the flag, took a wicked spin, and raced into the water.  An awful bit of bad luck, but survivable being that it was only Friday.  Woods took his drop, saved bogey, and moved on.

... only, as it turns out, his drop was illegal.  He had dropped the ball a few feet back from his original shot, which, by a somersault of dubious logic, isn't within close enough proximity of his original mark.  A TV viewer though the distance was a little excessive, and notified officials.
That proximity seems pretty close to me.
Despite the fact that the rule committee had already judged that what Woods did was legal, he was still assessed a two-stroke penalty Friday night for essentially conforming to the common practice of the sport (what is he supposed to do, play from his divot?). And still, you had commentators from all over, many of whom didn't know the rules themselves, calling for him to recuse himself from the tournament, because: 'Fuck Tiger.'

I know golf loves to masturbate with it's own pedantism, but this whole incident was absurd.  Did Tiger get two strokes worth of advantage by dropping a few feet away from his divot?  No.  Did he knowingly sign a false card?  No. Would any other golfer have been followed so closely, both on the course and off, to have been spotted as a 'cheater' in this instance?  No.

In any other sport - in almost any other occurrence of daily life - if some jackass, who just happened to have a rules official's number, had called in to report an error after the fact, they'd have been shrugged off with an "OK... and?"  But, because it's Tiger, and the whole world is watching, and it's golf, there had to be some penalty.  Allow me to roll my eyes.  *rolls eyes*

Spencer staying, no word yet on 'Dre - 

It's not much of a surprise, but Spencer Dinwiddie confirmed what Coach Boyle hinted at late last week: the superlative point guard will be returning for his junior campaign.

Some (*cough* @CUGoose *cough*) had been overly concerned that the Buffs' scoring leader would make an early leap to the NBA, but I never bought into that idea.  While I still don't think that another year in Boulder will really allow Andre Roberson to improve his draft standing beyond what it is currently, the complete opposite is true with Spencer.  A fringe 2nd round possibility this season, some analysts are saying he could be a lottery pick in 2014.  That's more than enough incentive to come back for another season, especially considering how highly the squad is thought of right now.
The Mayor's term was extended for another year.
As for 'Dre, a final decision has yet to be made. It was clear from Coach Boyle's comments that he's trying to sway Roberson into staying in Boulder for his senior year, but the implication was that 'Dre is still considering going pro based off of a few, shall I say, optimistic evaluations that may have him higher than what is now considered conventional. 

If Andre wants to go pro now, I would understand, I just hope the kid doesn't think that he's going to be on an NBA roster next year.  While I think he'll eventually get to 'the Association,' it won't be before some extensive seasoning in the lower levels. As Tad put it, it's 'Dre's choice where he wants to develop next year: in college, in the D-League, or in Europe.  If, however, he just wants to get a jump start on that long road to the top, that's his choice.  The clock is ticking, though.  The NCAA deadline is tomorrow, with the NBA requiring an answer by the 29th.

Happy Monday!

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