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Friday, April 26, 2013

Quick Post: So... about 'Dre's decision...

Hey, remember when the news broke that there was a press conference set for 9am this morning, and that we were finally going to hear whether or not the reigning Pac-12 defensive player of the year would be back for his senior season?  Well, not so much

After talking it over with Coach Boyle last night, Andre Roberson has apparently decided that he needs more time to decide.  Regardless of which way he's leaning, he has until Sunday night at 9:59pm MST to declare, or the choice will be made for him.

I honestly feel bad for 'Dre, because the decision isn't an easy one.  He has prepared his entire life driven by the hope of becoming an NBA star, but he's stuck in the second round no-man's land, with cloudy prospects of improving his stock.  With influential camps pulling him both directions (Father: go pro, Coach Boyle: stay in school), it's only complicating matters further.

My suggestion: flip a coin.

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