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Friday, April 12, 2013

The 2013 CU Garage Sale

Once again, the folks at the CU athletic department are opening their warehouse for a garage sale.  Those who have taken advantage of it in the past know that it is an incredibly cheap way to load up on Black and Gold gear for the upcoming year.  T-Shirts?  $5.  Pants?  $15.  Track jackets?  $20.  They even have game-worn jerseys from most sports, available to you, the CU fan-on-a-budget, for low, low prices.

Unfortunately, it's getting harder and harder to find anything if you're normal-human sized.  By 12:05 today, essentially right as the doors opened, anything from men's sizes S through XL was already gone, and shoes were only available in sizes approaching SHAQ. Bad luck for many bargain hunters.

Luckily, I am not sized like a normal human, and I was able to score some great deals.  I may not have found the game-worn Nate Tomlinson jersey that I was looking for, but it was still worth the trip up to campus.

This is my haul from today:

An official jersey from the mountain man himself, Ryan Miller.  The slim-fit is a little small for me.  In retrospect, I may have to gift this.

This is what I came for: NCAA Tournament wear!  Combination Pac-12 Champion and Tournament participant track jacket for only $20.  BOOM!
More Tournament wear.  This time, a fleece for $10.  I had to size-up on this one, but it'll be worth it when it's November, and I'm headed to the CEC.  This was the last one they had in stock, and I had to stare-down a dude who was looking at it.
A pair of track pants, one with logo, the other without.  My lounge-wear needs are officially taken care of.

I got two pairs of these golf pants.  Luckily, our football coaching staff is made of of appropriately-sized gentlemen.

 And, finally, a pair of t-shirts, both basketball themed.  Items right after my heart.

Grand total for nine items: $110.  I'd have paid that for the two Tournament tops alone.  I love the garage sale.

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