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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Quick Post: 'Dre's decision set for Friday

Since the final seconds slipped away in Austin, the big story hanging over the CU basketball program has been the pending decision from Andre Roberson concerning his professional status.  Tomorrow morning at 9am, BuffNation will finally get the answer it's been waiting for, as 'Dre will announce whether or not he will be entering this summer's NBA Draft.

Those able to can catch the announcement live by clicking here.

The more prominent rumor has 'Dre turning pro, but I haven't heard definitively one way or the other.  Coach Boyle was meeting with Andre earlier this evening, so it's still probably still anyone's guess at this point.

For the record, while I would selfishly prefer that he stays, I've long since come to terms with the idea that 'Dre would jump into the Draft, even without the 'guarantee' of a 1st round selection.  I've heard plenty of people say that this would be a terrible choice, but, as I said earlier this month, I'm not convinced that another year in Boulder would necessarily improve his professional stock.

If 'Dre does indeed declare for the Draft tomorrow, the choice will essentially be that he would rather spend 2013-14 developing in a professional atmosphere (NBA, NBADL, or Europe), than in Boulder, struggling to balance scholastic endeavors and gym time.  I think that's fair, as long as he is properly informed that an NBA roster might not be attainable right away.

I'll have more on 'Dre's decision tomorrow.

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