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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Memory Lane: 62-36 reax

Last night the programming director at Altitude decided to put 62-36 on. This man (or woman) is a genius.


Here are a couple of good, laughable, and bad things I noticed.


The University I remember - A lot can happen in 9 years. The logo and uniforms have changed, the stadium has been expanded, and the tubas have added bell covers. Watching that game was like watching a snapshot of what would become my freshman year. I gotta a little misty-eyed actually.

Chris Brown and Bobby Purify - They were beasts. Honestly, just frickin awesome. Big shoulders, stood tall, and just shrugged off would be tacklers. Sure they were helped by a gigantic O-line and Brandon Drumm (maybe the hardest hitting full back I've ever seen. You could tell when he hit someone because it was 10x as loud as every other hit on the parabolic mic), but watching them run made me giddy. 3rd and 4th string RB's coming into that game, btw. That's depth, yo.
(Damn, he was good)

The coaches - Good ole Gary Barnett. He sure looked good over there, almost as befuddled as anyone that we hung 62 points on the Huskers. And look, Frank Solich! His forlorn countenance as he watched his precious corn machine disintegrate was hilarious.

The Laughable:

Crying Nebraska Kid - This never gets old.

(AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... it never gets old. Just think, that kid is almost college age now...)

Brent Musberger and Jack Arute making assumptions - 3 things were stated as fact towards the end of the game. 1) Eric Crouch had lost the Heisman (he still won it). 2) Nebraska had lost their shot at the title (they still got the opportunity to get butt-whupped by Miami). 3) That CU would play Oklahoma for the Big XII title (OU lost the next day and CU played (and beat) Texas the next week). Obviously the 3rd was jumping the gun, but it's still laughable that 2 concepts as clear as day (that Crouch didn't deserve the Heisman and that Nebraska no longer belonged in the title game) ended up being turned on their head.

Buffs going for 2 up 55-30 - Musberger thought it was due to a scoring chart, when every Buffs fan knows it was to rub salt in the open wound. Damn shame it wasn't converted.

Bobby Pesavento stating he deserved a shot at the NFL - Lol, that's just hilarious. Good game, though.

The Bad:

CU's O-line - It was massive. Just fucking massive. Why is that bad? Well, why haven't we had that amount of size and talent across the line since?

Marcus Houston - Markeesha got his name mentioned. Prior to that I had completely forgotten he existed. Hope he enjoyed FoCo. Fuck him.

Craig Ochs - Towards the end of the game Musberger started talking about how promising the future looked for CU. The RB tandem was coming back (Chris Brown would've gotten the Heisman the next year without bruising his sternum and missing 2.5 games), much of the O-line was staying (Wayne Lucier!), and their "best football player" in Craig Ochs was coming back. Or, he was coming back until he shit down his legs against CSU and ran off to Montana (WTF?!). I will never forget him running away from Boulder after losing to CSU the next year. I don't care about his reasons, fuck him.

Anyways, for those interested Altitude is showing it again on Friday @ noon. Cal preview in a bit...

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Rico said...

My Dad recorded every game that year (on VHS, lol) and this is the one game I always look at whenever I get back home.

Folsom never reverberated with sheer exultation after the clock reached zero in the 4th quarter.

I almost feel sorry for Frank Solich now knowing the crapstorm from the people of the corn threw at him after this defeat. I would like to take credit for CU ruining NU's football program for nearly a decade after this loss.