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Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Beer Post: A Governor who knows a thing or two about beer

I'm going to keep this short since no one reading this wants to talk politics.  I would be remiss if I didn't note the inauguration of renowned brewer-businessman John Hickenlooper to the Governor's post here in Colorado.  Governor Hick was the co-founder of the Wynkoop Brewing Company back in 1988 before starting his successful political career.  If you haven't been to the Wynkoop in LoDo, located near Union Station and 3 blocks from Coors Field, I highly suggest you make a trip; they make some great brews (Rail Yard is a good intro-beer to what they have to offer) and have a pretty damn awesome food menu.

The Governor highlighted his inauguration by arriving in true brewer style: seated atop a beer wagon from Wynkoop containing kegs of a specialty brew called, of course, Hickenlooper's Inagurale (I get jokes).  Not content with giving his former brewery mates the sole honor of serving the inaugural event, the Governor had beer from all corners of the Colorado brewing community on tap at the party.  20 brews in total, all brewed in Colorado, were featured at the event.
(The Governor, pulling up to his inaugural party in they Wynkoop beer wagon.  From: Westword)

Regardless of how you view Hick's politics, if you like good beer you have to like the fact that a craft-beer-friendly man is seated in the Governor's mansion.  This is a brew-crazy state, and it's only fitting that a man who knows the craft beer industry has his hand in shaping the political future.  Here's to ya, Governor Hickenlooper!

Happy Friday!

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Rico said...

All of the members of the beer illuminati out here in SD are insanely upset that Californians are stuck with a bitter old man in the Gov's mansion instead of a beer business man. I've been touting my Colorado brewery shirts for the last few weeks just to make sure they know we're still the better beer state.