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Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Beer Post: Two Brothers Brewery

While "home" over the holidays (even though I live and work in Colorado, Chicago is "home") I discovered something incredible.  Just a few miles down the road from where I grew up there is a grouple of people brewing some fantastic beer.

Two Brothers Brewing, located in Warrenville, Illinois, is the product of Jim and Jason Ebel (Incidentally, Jason, according to sources, used to work for Boulder Beer).  The brothers have been brewing professionally in DuPage county for over 14 years.  The business is still family owned, and they seem to be growing in leaps and bounds to this day.

Don't let the haphazard web page fool you, these guys brew some seriously good stuff.  I tried two of their beers during my time back in Illinois, and both were very impressive.  Their "Domaine DuPage" French-style Country Ale went perfectly with the traditional Christmas Day hors d'ouvres served at my Aunt's house.  It's a well balanced beer, definitely what I would consider a sessional, with a slightly sweet aftertaste that reminds me of raisins.  The other style I tried was the "Cain and Ebel" Hopped-Up Red Rye Ale.  Rye's have been hit-or-miss for me in the past, but this one hit big time.  The sweeter rye malts mixed well with the nice amount of hops for a pleasant creamy aftertaste which I found fantastic. 
( I highly recommend this beer.  If your flight gets canceled, and you're stuck in Chicago for a day with nothing to do, you could do a whole lot worse than a few of these and a trip to Portillo's)

It may be hard for Coloradans to run into anything from this brewery.  The typically draconian distribution laws in the Upper Midwest haven't allowed this brewery to stray too far, so you're only going to find it in the "Big 10" footprint.  If you do find yourself in that region, or find their booth at GABF and other beer festivals, I highly suggest you give them a shot.

Happy Friday!

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