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Friday, January 14, 2011

Quick Post: New Logo!

Last week I asked a friend from work to sketch out a few ideas for a logo for this blog.  He came through with an awesome look.  Coming soon I'll have something like this up and rolling:

How frickin' awesome is that?  Look at that thing, it makes all other blog logos tremble in fear.  It's got all the CU colors, (black, gold, and silver) involved in some way, and it keeps the night-time, lone buffalo motif rollin'.  What's really cool is that it incorporates the rough, stylized outline of a basketball, keeping the "Only Buff Basketball Blog in the World" theme going.

Big thanks go out to my buddy Cameron for helping me out with this.  Next, we'll look to get some computerized design elements put together to make this thing look real sweet.

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Rico said...

That looks sick dude