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Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Beer Post: My go-to beers

In basketball you have go-to players.  The guys you know will get the ball on key possessions when the team needs a bucket.  Since I'm a lazy couch potato, I have go-to beers.  As a creature of habit, when I'm in certain situations I tend to go with what I know and like.  It's not even necessarily a taste thing; sometime you just go with what you've always had.  Here are a few of my must have beers in the corresponding situations.

Buffs Gameday - Buff Gold, Boulder Beer - I'll admit, if there wasn't a buffalo on the label I'd have found a different beer by now.  It's shallow, to be sure, but marketing sometimes works on me.  Either way, the beer is decent, and it's a must for me on a gameday.  I make no apologies.  Buff Gold is a rather average (maybe even below-average) gold ale, and is only something I drink out of tradition.

Victory Cigar - Alaskan Amber, Alaskan Brewing - It's become a tradition for me and a few friends to enjoy a victory cigar after every home football win and any big home basketball wins (for example, victory cigar after Mizzou, but not Okie St).  With that cigar, I usually want to enjoy a manhattan, but if I go the beer route, I'll always take an Alaskan Amber.  The place I go, Johnny's Cigars, has a limited beer selection, but anything Alaskan is enjoyable, and their staple Amber is fantastic.
An Alaskan Amber with a victory cigar means the Buffs just did well.

Random trip to the Dark Horse - Hazed and Infused, Boulder Beer - This goes way back to the days when I may or may not have been drinking at the Horse while under 21 (*cough*, *cough*).  Hazed was the first American Pale Ale I ever tasted, and I've stuck with that beer paired with that location ever since.  On my first tasting, I was amazed with the flavor and aroma dry-hopping can impart on beer.  That dry-hopped nature got me hooked on the first sip, and Hazed has stayed a personal favorite ever since.

Playing a game of softball - Upslope Pale Ale, Upslope Brewing - On nights when I bring beer for my softball team (go Rangers!), I want to bring something a whole hell of a lot better than the Light Lagers that are so un-Godly popular.  Since no bottles are allowed at the fields, I have to find something in a can.  Last year, that beer was Upslope's staple Pale Ale.  Their use of Patagonia hops brings a flavor that is unique to the brewery, and one I'm fascinated with.  It's perfect for quenching my thirst after running the bases.
Canned beers are perfect for outdoor activities, and this Pale Ale does the trick for softball.

Beer-pong - Blue Moon (in a can), Coors Brewing -  I mentioned this last week, but my official beer pong beer is Blue Moon (in a can).  It's considered heresy amongst some beer geeks to play pong, but beer is all about having a good time, and what's better than a random game of pong with friends?  I'm not talking cut throat, frat-house tournaments here, it's about enjoying a Friday evening.  I think it's the perfect pong beer; it's got enough flavor to remind me that I'm actually drinking beer, without being too heavy to drink after a game or two.  I like to keep a few oranges on hand, and drip a little juice in each cup before consuming; thereby enhancing the belgian white's distinct orange-backed flavor.

Dinner with friends - Anything from Stone Brewing -  I was a passionate Stone fan long before this guy started working there.  It certainly doesn't hurt "knowing a guy" now.  Stone's impressive Arrogant Bastard has long been my favorite beer on the planet.  Intense, hoppy, and, above all else, arrogant, I'm happy to have an AB in just about any situation; it's my ultimate "go-to" beer.  Other stuff from Stone, like their IPA or their fantastically dark Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale, are also very welcome at my table when entertaining or visiting friends for dinner.
AB is my ultimate go-to beer.

Happy Friday!


Rico said...

Good stuff dude. I definitely approve of Alaskan Amber. It's actually based on a recipe that the founder Geoff found in his grandparent's belongings. It's technically a German Alt style beer and not an American Amber ale.

Beer geek random knowledge ftw!

RumblinBuff said...

I just got beer-geek-pwned. That's a really interesting story to go along with a really tasty beer; a whole lot better than Budweisers' "we've adopted this recipe to achieve maximum profit ratio" story that they fancy up with an immigrant tale.

(I'm really bitter today, I'm was the only one with enough ballz to drive into work)

Rico said...

I heard today was a bit rough on the whole snow/sleet/death thing in the 303. It was a bit rough for me to go into work today as well. I mean, the low 50's and partly cloudy messes San Diegans up around here.

RumblinBuff said...

It aint that bad, all these Colorado natives don't know how to survive a real winter.

Not for nothing but it was damn near 70 on Friday. I hope you and your perfect weather rots in hell :-)