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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Quick Post: #IsItOctober12thYet

The line throughout the summer from the die-hard hoop fanatics in BuffsNation has been #IsItNovemberYet.  I think it might be time to change it to #IsItOctober12thYet.

Official opening night for basketball season may still be over a month away (although it's getting closer...), but the unofficial start is actually next weekend.  After a tireless campaign from players, the C-Unit, and BuffNation at large, the athletic department granted the program a Midnight Madess-style event, labeled #BuffsMadness for marketing purposes, to celebrate the start of fall practice.  And it's right around the corner!
The push to repeat begins next week.
Friday, October 12th, the night after the CU/ASU football game, both the men's and women's hoops teams will hit the hardwood for a night of scrimmages, specialty contests (3-point, dunking, etc), giveaways, and ephemera (Skit night?  I hope there are skits).  Tentatively scheduled to start at 8:30 pm (following the volleyball game, which starts at 7pm), the whole night is free.  This will be Boulder's first opportunity to thank the Pac-12 champions for their efforts last March, and we in BuffNation need to pack the house in support.

Yesterday, in his weekly Twitter chat, Daily Camera scribe Kyle Ringo said he doubted that the Buffs could draw 5,000 for this event.  I say we can beat that number.  Everyone needs to grab a friend, hell, make that four of them, and make them commit to attending on the 12th.  It's free, it's an easy excuse to start your Friday evening out in Boulder, and it's a great way of showing support for the best basketball program in the Rocky Mountain region.
Coach Boyle doesn't understand why you wouldn't be there.
If you care about CU basketball, and are in the area, then you need to be there next Friday.  No excuses.

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