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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Quick-Post: Season basketball tickets on sale.

With just over 23 days left to go before the start of basketball season, CU announced yesterday that season tickets are open for purchase to the general public.  Despite two straight years of undeniable success on the court, prices have remained flat, meaning that you can still purchase a guaranteed spot at every home game for as little as $60. 

$60, to see the defending Pac-12 champions play 15 home games... that's only $4 a game.  For the cost of a Rockpile seat, you get in to see marquee games like opening night on Nov. 9th, CSU on Dec. 5th, UCLA on Jan.12th, and Arizona on Feb. 14th.  The best part, as opposed to going to see Rockies baseball, the Buffs actually have a good shot to win those games (that's a burn).
The pursuit of more nets to cut begins next month.  Will you be there to watch it?
CU basketball continues to be the best dollar-for-dollar sporting value on the Front Range.  Parking is free, concession prices are reasonable, access to the club room is included, and the program has gone 32-4 in Boulder over the last two seasons.  You just can't beat that.

You can make your new commitment to Coach Boyle and crew by clicking here.  I guarantee you wont regret it, and you'll help keep the CEC Jayhawk-free next season in the process.

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